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This weeks mission: Make Gluten Free Cannolis

on September 7, 2012

Something that I haven’t mentioned on here yet: I’m gluten intollerant. It makes life a little more challenging and some foods TOO tempting. But it’s always fun to make foods from scratch. :) I found a recipe online for gluten free cannolis. I’ve never had a cannoli before but I’ve heard they’re fantastic. So what the heck, I’ll try it!

In case you’re wondering what recipe I’m using for this:

On a different note… School has officially started! Yay! And now… Homework has come back with it. :( Not so yay. Hitting the books and getting more prepared for the rest of the semester is deffinately another mission for this week. 

Some awesome things from today: 1. I applied for an internship through Craigslist, yay! … Now let’s hope they respond back. 2. Today officially marks goobs and my 22nd month anniversary. 3. I found the camera that I want to save up a little more for, the Olympus SP-620UZ. AHHHH!! :D I’m super excited about it. Maybe once I get it I can post some pictures of Cannolis up here. It’s been too long since I’ve had a good camera. My mother broke my last one and since then I’ve just relied on my phone’s camera, but honestly it doesn’t take nearly as good quality pictures as my last camera did.

Oh, this blog, it’s going to be interesting to look back at these. 



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